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The new edition of the OCTO Connected Forum will be held on 17 September 2021, of which MobileSoft will be Technical Supplier Sponsor. Thus continues the close partnership between OCTO Telematics and MobileSoft, born in the context of shared mobility and developed in all the fields in which OCTO Telematics works. The OCTO Connected Forum 2021 event will bring together industry leaders, experts and executives involved in the world of connected mobility, to present the research results and open a debate on the issues and proposals developed by the Advisory Board. The main topics of significant impact for the future evolution of the mobility business and its services in the insurance and automotive sectors will also be discussed, favored by an exclusive digital networking opportunity.
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Mobilesoft sponsor dell'Octo Connected Forum


MobileSoft is pleased to announce the acquisition of a minority stake in the company CodGo Srl, an innovative startup founded in 2019 in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME) and partner since its foundation. This operation will be accompanied by the opening of a local office at the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto offices, for an ever greater attention towards the South, after the opening of the Naples office. MobileSoft continues to grow and invest in the South and in particular, thanks to the collaboration with CodGo, several dozen young people will be trained and hired, creating a cutting-edge technological hub for Sicily and the entire South. We welcome all CodGo to the MobileSoft family!
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The involvement of MobileSoft continues in the Sinergie per l'istruzione campaign promoted by the Marco Polo Institute Italy, a non-profit NGO, to reiterate the importance of tracing infections in schools, as an effective weapon to promptly isolate any cases of coronavirus positivity and guaranteeing the regular conduct of face-to-face lessons even in the midst of a pandemic. After the debut stage hosted in Benevento, the initiative moved to Cosenza, in the Lidia Plastina Pizzuti complex of the Istituto Comprensivo Spirito Santo and consists in subjecting to a completely voluntary and completely free screening, conducted with rapid antigenic tests of high reliability, the little ones of primary school. The percentage of adhesion is very high. The prevention activity is carried out with the contribution of doctors, nurses and voluntary associations.
Mobilesoft & MPI

MobileSoft and MPI together in the project “SINERGIE D’ISTRUZIONE”.

MobileSoft is pleased to announce its involvement in the “Sinergie per l’istruzione” activity in collaboration with the Istituto Marco Polo, the non-profit NGO that promotes and implements international cooperation actions.
The project will involve the schools of Campania, including the Comprehensive Sant’Angelo a Sasso of Benevento, the L. Settembrini Institute of San Leucio del Sannio (BN) and the Pietrelcina-Pago Veiano-Pesco Sannita Institute together with the Foundation “Missione Salute – ETS” and to the Buono Italia company.
As part of the project,MobileSoft has developed an ad hoc platform for data management for screening and collecting information concerning the status of COVID-19 tests on this particular cluster of users.
MobileSoft is pleased to support the Istituto Marco Polo on such a sensitive topic at such a difficult time for our country and for educational institutions in particular.

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